Iqaluit Dental Clinic Provides You with Reasons That Will Make You Want to Floss Every Day


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, flossing is a necessary part of any good oral care regimen. However, most people either forget to floss or tend to not take it too seriously. It’s time to change that and make flossing an important part of your daily oral care. Let’s check out a few reasons that will make you want to floss every day.

The Reasons

  1. Prevents gum diseases – Flossing is very important for your oral health and should be a core component of your dental hygiene routine. Without it, food particles trapped in between your teeth stimulate bacteria growth that may lead to gum disease. Gum disease may weaken your gums, make your teeth more sensitive and create other major problems.
  2. Prevents tooth decay – Tooth decay has serious consequences including infection, pain, tooth loss and more. Leave it unchecked and it can spiral into fatal complications. Tooth decay may happen due to bacteria growth on your teeth. While brushing helps you remove plaque from most of the teeth, it can’t reach the surface between the teeth.

Unfortunately, one-third of your tooth structure is between your teeth. Without flossing, you’re leaving out one-third of your teeth to the possibility of tooth decay. Moreover, tooth decay usually starts between the teeth and creates cavities on each tooth. Regular flossing helps you remove particles and bacteria and reduce the chances of tooth decay by a good margin.

  1. You get whiter teeth – When you don’t floss regularly, you may get unhealthy gums. Those gums can get red and swollen and slowly start receding from the tooth to expose the roots. Your tooth root has a yellowish hue and as more of it gets exposed, more of your teeth seem yellow. This also affects your beautiful smile. If white teeth and a bright smile are your priority, you should floss regularly.
  2. You’re less exposed to heart disease – Your oral health is closely connected to your overall health. If you are a fitness buff and ignore dental care, you’re not going to be healthy. Research shows that gum disease is closely linked to diabetes, and heart disease, and can even affect pregnant mothers. The bacteria in your unhealthy gums may make their way into your bloodstream and affect other parts of your body including your heart. That’s why you should floss daily to keep your gums healthy.
  3. Prevents bad breath – Bad breath can happen due to many reasons. However, the most common cause is usually poor oral hygiene. Apart from brushing your teeth and your tongue to remove plaque, you also need to floss regularly to fight against bad breath. When you allow bacteria to accumulate and grow on one-third of your teeth, it’s obviously going to stink.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests that you consider the above-mentioned reasons and weigh the consequences of not flossing regularly. If you have trouble using regular string floss, you may consider waxed strong floss or floss picks that are more convenient and comfortable.

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