Laser Therapy Machine: Professional vs Consumer

Laser therapy removes abdominal tissues through intensely focused light. It is an effective solution for back and neck pain through the chemical released by the lasers. The laser machines are used in different situations that involve pain, such as exercise activities and other various ailments.

Similarly, there are Elite therapeutic lasers that address numerous conditions through the use of photo-bio-modulation. Let’s look at the benefits of laser therapy.

Some of the Benefits of Laser Therapy

There are numerous benefits patients get from laser treatment. The best part of it is that they instantly experience relief from the treatment. The procedure is non-invasive and painless though you will feel the device moving on your skin. Fem minutes are spent on each treatment.

  1. a) Aches and Pain

Bradykinin, a chemical used for reducing pain, is used during laser therapy to reduce nerve sensitivity. An algestic feeling is produced when ion mechanisms release endorphins. It can block pain on various fibres.

  1. b) Accelerates Wound Healing

Cellular growth is accelerated when laser penetration to the tissues occurs due to the light from photons. Faster repair of nerves, tendons cells, and muscles happens when laser light is exposed. Open wounds react well to laser therapy.

  1. c) Reduces Formation of Fibrous tissue

Laser therapy also works in managing tissues damaged from cuts, burns, scratches, and other injuries. Additionally, laser therapy makes vascular activity better. It also accelerates wounds’ healing and closing up since new capillaries are increasingly formed in damaged tissues.

  1. d) Anti-Inflammatory

Stored energy is increased by laser, thus allowing faster formation and repair of the cell. Similarly, oxygen levels and nutrients increase when veins and arteries increase as a result of the laser. The tissue repair process takes place faster due to the increase in the activities of the white blood cells.

  1. e) How Safe and Effective is the Treatment?

Laser therapy is generally safe, non-invasive, and practical to use. Surgical lasers heat the body tissues, unlike cold lasers. Depending on the wavelength consumed, the energy output of the machine, and how big the area being treated is, the treatment is applied to patients, plus it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Ensure you wear protective eyewear since you may put your eyes at risk if you look into the laser directly. There aren’t any proven adverse or permanent side effects that result from laser therapy treatment.

What are someof the Clinical Targets of Laser Therapy machines?

  1. Reduction of tenderness through focusing on trigger points
  2. Reduction of inflammation and edema by targeting lymph nodes
  3. Damaged tissue to reduce inflammation, proliferation and promote healing
  4. Reduces pain through focusing on nerves

Safety Measures When Using Laser Therapy Machines

  • Pregnant Women: Treatment should not be carried out over a growing uterus.
  • Epileptics: Keep in mind that a seizure may be triggered by visible light with low-frequency levels.
  • Eyes: Wear protective eyewear to protect yourself from the beaming light from the machine.


If you are one of those people who are not into invasive treatment, then laser therapy is for you. Ensure you consult your therapist before going through the treatment to find out if it will be beneficial to you.

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