What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth affect not only your aesthetics but also your oral health. Many often tend to ignore teeth replacement without analysing the impacts of a missing tooth on their oral health. Whether you have lost your front or back teeth, it can create pressure on your other teeth and put your oral health at risk. You wouldn’t want to lose all your teeth. This is why it is essential to speak to your dentist for discovering the options available for filling the gap. Of all the teeth replacement options, dental implants Sydney is considered to be the superior choice for replacing a missing tooth as it gives long-lasting results and has a 98% success rate.

Here are the problems caused by missing teeth:-

Crooked teeth

Our teeth support each other. So, when a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth can start to shift into the gap. Over time, it leads to crooked smile, bite issues, and TMJ.  Crooked teeth can increase the risk of tooth decay as it cannot be cleaned properly.

Gum disease and dental decay

Since the other teeth shift from its place, it can be difficult to reach all the surfaces while brushing and flossing. Besides, food particles can get trapped in between the teeth. When it is not cleaned properly, the area becomes hot-bed to the breeding bacteria. As a result, plaque starts to form and hardens to a thick substance called tartar. Tartar cannot be cleaned with a brush as it requires special dental tools to remove them. This, in turn, puts the teeth in the risk of certain dental diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay, which could lead to further tooth loss.

Bone loss

Your teeth are responsible for stimulating bone growth. Since there are no teeth to stimulate the bone, it causes the bone to shrink and to alter the space. You may look older than your age over time.

TMJ disorders

Temporomandibular Joints connect your jaw to the skull, and it can be put under strain when a tooth shifts out of its position. This leads to headaches, pain, and other discomforts.

Changes to your diet

If you are missing one or more teeth, chewing becomes difficult, which will make you limit your diet and sticking to soft foods.

Replace your missing teeth with cheap dental implants Sydney

The dental implants in Sydney are a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into your jawbone to form a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement teeth/crown. It acts as the root of the new tooth. This is why dental implants are considered to be the superior choice as they replace both root and crown of a missing tooth. It is naturally fused with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants preserve jawbone, restore your smile and functionality, and allows you to eat, smile, and speak confidently. Do not let the dental implants cost Sydney put off the treatment when it comes to your oral health.

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