What is The Cheapest Way to Replace a Missing Tooth?

According to Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, “one in six Australian adults are missing more than ten teeth that make it harder for them to chew food and get proper nutrition.” If you are one among many Australians missing or more teeth, modern dentistry offers a range of options for replacing one or more missing teeth. Here are a few affordable tooth replacement options. 

Dental implant 

The dental implants in Sydney are the most popular choice for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to support a replacement crown, bridge or denture. As they are inserted into the jawbone, they tend to naturally fuse with the jawbone to provide a sturdy foundation for holding the replacement tooth in place. It is the only teeth replacement option that replaces both the root and crown of a missing tooth. The dental implants cost Sydney depends on several factors, including the number of implants, the type of implant, and anaesthesia. 


  • Dental implants can last for a long time if maintained well 
  • It has a success rate of 98%
  • Feel, function, and look like a natural tooth 
  • Prevents jawbone loss 
  • Improve the quality of life 
  • Less maintenance 

Tooth-supported fixed bridge 

It is the most common alternative to having cheap dental implants Sydney, especially where a single tooth is missing. Tooth-supported bridge consists of two crowns and is fitted onto the teeth either side of the gap and it is the abutment teeth.  It is permanently cemented in place. It is made of several materials, including gold, silver, and porcelain and may be a combination of these materials. The major disadvantage of this procedure is that teeth adjacent to the gap must be ground down to support this type of restoration which means removing healthy tooth structure. 


  • Look and function like a natural tooth 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Straightforward procedure 


Removal dentures rest on the top of the gums, and they are a non-invasive alternative to dental implants. But when compared to dental implants, dentures are less durable. Dentures deteriorate the bone over time, and it requires more maintenance to keep them in good shape. 


  • Affordable and treatment is quick 
  • Look and function like natural teeth as they come in various shapes and sizes. 
  • Gum tissue can be matched closely to your natural gum 

Failure to replace a missing tooth can negatively affect your oral health. Missing teeth can cause a lot of dental problems, including teeth shifting, crowding, gum disease, dental decay, and bone loss. This is why it is advisable to replace your missing teeth as soon as you lose one. While other replacement options may seem affordable and simple procedure, none improve the quality of life like dental implants. In fact, implants are the permanent solution to replace a missing tooth. 

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