Everything you need to Know about Elbow Pain

The elbow is the connection of joint at the end of the upper arm bone, through the distal humerus to the forearm bones, ulna, radius, with ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Once or several times in life everyone has experienced an elbow injury. In order to cure this condition, you must acquire effective medication that can calm down the elbow joint inflammation. Here is everything about elbow pain you need consider before taking any medication:

Causes of elbow pains

Everything about elbow pain can be troublesome since it usually manifests itself through severe sharp pain caused by elbow joint inflammation.  An instance of this injuries is when someone knocks his/her funny bone. The funny bone refers to ulnar nerve that goes down towards the back of the elbow.

When an ulnar nerve is knocked, a sense of pain and tingling sensation is severely felt down along the arm. The pain might intensify at the beginning but shortly and vanish by itself.

However, elbow pain condition can result from various origins. The most common injuries are during sports, and it is because certain sports such as golf and tennis require the athlete to continuously push their arm out in a particular direction.

By doing this, it will exert pleasure on hinges at the elbow and eventually result to severe injuries at the joint and tendons within the elbow. Other usual causes of elbow pains include:

  • A prior broken arm
  • A previous dislocated elbow
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Nerve damage
  • Torn ligaments

Symptoms of Elbow Pain

The main symptom of elbow pain is a severe pain that caused by inflammation at the joints on the elbow. The pain can be quite intense and throbbing. Beyond the sharp pain at the elbow joint, the patient suffer from this condition may as well experience other devastating symptoms. These symptoms include but unlimited to:

  • Elbow Swellings
  • Tenderness
  • Numbness
  • Unable to lift heavy objects
  • Sensations tingling on the fingers
  • Shaky hands
  • Problems while opening doors using keys

As the pain continue to intensify at the elbow, it can negatively affect the entire use of all arm.

Complications Result from Elbow pain

Everything about elbow pain can lead to severe issues if left untreated. It normally starts as a pain caused by inflammation at the joints, but if it is left to get worse, the damage can occur at the joints and tendons and eventually become permanent and result to degenerative kinds of arthritis.

The motion range of a patient might become severely reduced. Also, they can lose other motor functions on the hand at a specific arm and lose an ability to perform a simple task such as tying shoelaces. Generally, could be the beginning of disability if left an unchecked.

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