Foods to Help You Combat Inflammation

Inflammation can be so uncomfortable and can cause so many long-term problems that it is often easy to forget that it is in fact a necessary bodily process, one that we all need to fight off diseases and infections. But of course, necessary as it isinflammation can be excessive and it represents an immune system under stress. Accordingly, too much inflammation is not a good thing, and once you notice ityour body is already hard at work fighting off some infection. Therefore, it’s better to do something about inflammation before it starts.

This is the main reason why nearly every health product trend tends to mention inflammation somewhere. Another reason for this is that there are a great many substances which can help reduce inflammation, either by boosting the immune system or by dealing with the inflammation whenever it arises (a localized treatment). Synergy Science, a company specializing in health products including inflammation-reducing hydrogen water, note that inflammation is one of the most common conditions their customers are looking to alleviate. Anything that can combat inflammation is sure to be successful amongthe heath foods/products market.

Anti-Inflammation Diet

It is perfectly possible then to create an anti-inflammation diet, simply by working into your daily diet all the foods known to help inflammation. There are many such foods that are proven to have a marked effect on easing inflammation.For many people, adopting a diet like this is massively preferable to having to use anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen every time pain arises. Indeed, you can combat inflammation without having to take a single non-natural product – you just need to know the food and drink which is known to help.

How Inflammation Works

But before going on to a short sample of such foodstuffs, it is worth setting out just what inflammation is and how it works on the body. Inflammation is the result of white blood cell action in an affected tissue. White blood cells are delivered by the lymphatic system to an area that is suffering an injury or an infection. These white blood cells are the means by which the body fights an infection.While this is underway though, the affected tissue experiences a painful redness and swellinguntil such time as the immune response has abated.

Inflammation can either be acute or chronic. It can also be the result of an autoimmune reaction, which is where the body’s defenses are activated even when there is no injury or infection to fight off. In such cases, inflammation can happen for no reason, causing undue pain and placing the immune system under stress.

Anti-Inflammatory Food and Drink

So, what are these remarkable foods that can effectively deal with inflammation problems? Here follows a short sample:

Certain Fruits

In fact, all fruits are good for dealing with inflammation, but there are some that deserve a special mention. By working into your diet plenty of cherries, blackberries, and raspberries, you could notice a marked decrease in inflammation.

Certain Vegetables

Specifically, vegetables that contain quantities of vitamin K are particularly good for inflammation. Such foods include broccoli and cabbage.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are particularly useful if you are dealing with chronic inflammation. Go with brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and any unrefined grains that are rich in fiber, which is known to have marked anti-inflammatory properties,

As you can no doubt tell, it’s not particularly difficult to imagine a diet which does not containany of these foods. And dealing with the problem naturally, without turning to medication, is always the best way to find a lasting s

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