Simple Tips to Make Eyelashes Longer and Stronger

Eyelashes help to enhance the beauty of the eyes and help to protect them at the same time. Most people apply lash extensions to get luscious and attractive lashes instantly. Still, using solution or glue while fixing lashes can harm your natural eyelashes, which can be a reason for eyelash fall.

You can take care of your lashes without using any harmful chemicals. For example, comb your lashes to get rid of excess dust particles, use an eyelash conditioner to keep them moist and nourished, intake healthy meals to get proper nutrient value, etc. This write-up includes simple tips to keep your lashes longer and healthy.

Tips to Get Longer and Strong Eyelashes

Condition Your Lashes

Moisturizing the lashes are the most crucial step in keeping them healthy while promoting eyelash growth. Your lashes became dry and dull after excessive mascara application. Besides this, dry eyelashes can make lash strands weaken and brittle. Coconut or olive oil can be the best eyelash growth serum that protects your lashes against dryness and makes them thicker & healthier. Regular application of natural ingredients to your lashes can grow them faster.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Using natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals is the best way to get more effective lash growth while doing eye care. Eye makeup products contain dry alcohol, coal tar, Teflon, and other chemicals which may damage your lash strands and make them dull and dry. You can use organic eye care products instead of chemical-based ones to enhance your natural lashes.

Consume Healthy Meals

A deficiency of nutrient value in your body can be a reason for excessive lash fall and makes them frizzy. A healthy diet is crucial to fulfill your body’s required amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Particular vitamins and minerals can strengthen your lashes and add shine to them. You can consume nuts, seeds, eggs, salmon, fish, and meat to get essential nutrients. Besides this, you can apply essential oils as an eyelash conditioner to promote eyelash growth.

Add Supplements to Your Diet

Intake of supplements is easy compared to consuming meals to get nutrients value. The consumption of health supplements can help to keep your lash healthy and boost eyelash growth. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamins B3, B5, B2, etc. The doctor’s advice is necessary before consuming any health supplements. You can visit the MD Factor website if you are searching for health supplements that help keep your natural lash healthy. Here, you can find all kinds of health supplements that might work to fulfill the nutrient requirement.

Avoid Sharing Eye Makeup

You must hear the phrase ‘Sharing is caring,’ but this phase does not apply to eye makeup. Sharing eye makeup can be a reason for damage to sensitive eye tissues. Most people share eyeliner, mascara, eye concealer, and eye shadow, which can be a reason for spreading bacteria and the risk of pink eye. This pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It is when redness appears in one or two eyes, or you feel itchiness in both or one eye. Constantly rubbing your eyes due to itchiness can break your lashes and may be a cause for lash fallout.

Remove Eye Makeup

Removing eye makeup before going to sleep is the most crucial step for taking care of your lashes. Residue makeup particles can clog pores and make your lash growth slower. Besides this, clogged pores may cause excessive lash loss. You can use cleanser or toner to remove eye makeup and nourish your lashes at the same time.

Gently Massage Your Eyelash

Massaging your eyes while removing makeup is the best way to care for your lashes. Harshly rubbing eyelashes during cleansing eye makeup can damage your lash strands and makes them dull and frizzy. Also, rubbing your eyes can have a harmful impact on the elastin around your eyes. Gently massaging your lash can reduce irritation, wrinkles, and fine lines surrounding the eye area. You can apply eyelash conditioner after removing eye makeup, and it can help moisturize your lashes while promoting lash growth.

Avoid False Lashes

False eyelashes can instantly enhance your lashes, but they can negatively affect your natural ones. The solutions or glue used while applying fake lashes can affect your natural lashes and may weaken your lash strands, leading to eyelash fallout. Also, false lashes can break the new lash strands and can delay your slow lash growth. Try to use a curler for the instant curving of your lashes.

Use Organic Eye Makeup Products

You can apply organic products that contain natural ingredients, which help to thicken your lashes without any side effects. Chemical-based makeup products can contain harmful and toxic elements that can be a reason for rough and dull eyelashes. Using organic products helps to improve your eyelash texture and provides them with moisture. Also, it helps to reduce dryness, roughness, and frizziness to your lashes and make them nourished and darker.

Final Words

You can get thicker and darker lashes by adding the best eyelash growth serum to your eye care routine. You can go through the MD Factor website to search for eye care products. Here, you can find a wide range of skin, hair, and eye care products that may be suitable for all skin and hair types. Besides this, you can find health supplements and beauty products on this website.

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