Top 3 Wisdom Teeth Extraction Questions and Answers

If you are due for an evaluation of your wisdom teeth, you likely have some questions. Like, “is wisdom teeth removal in Sydney necessary? What to expect during the wisdom teeth removal surgery, Will it pain during wisdom teeth extraction?, and more” Here are the answers to the top three most common questions about wisdom teeth.

Question 1: Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Yes, having wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is essential if your wisdom teeth impacted. This is because, if you ignore wisdom teeth extraction, your impacted teeth will cause problems to its nearby teeth and the gums. And you can’t clean the impacted wisdom teeth and its surrounding area due to pain. And finally, your teeth will end up with a cavity.

In the future, you not only pay your dentist for wisdom teeth extraction, but also for cavity issues. So, it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth in Sydney professionally promptly.

Question 2: How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery Performed? 

On your appointment, your dentist will check your dental health with the help of X-ray, and explain the surgery to you, and let you know the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. Then your dentist will start the wisdom teeth removal by giving local anesthesia to you. He/she will make a small cut on the gum tissue to access your impact wisdom teeth. If the bone blocks the wisdom teeth, your dentist will also remove the bone to expose the tooth. Then to remove the teeth easily, it will be made into small pieces. Once the tooth is removed, your dentist will clean the surgical site and out stitches. Finally, you will go to your house by placing gauze over the extraction site.

Question 3: Do Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Painful?

No, you won’t feel the pain since anesthesia will be given to you.

There are three different types of anesthesia. They are,

1 General Anesthesia: With this anesthesia, you will lose consciousness during the wisdom teeth extraction process. You will inhale medication by having an IV line in your arm, or through your nose.

2 Sedation anesthesia: With this anesthesia, you will have only limited memory, and at the same time, you won’t feel the pain. You will take this type of anesthesia through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm.

3 Local anesthesia: With this anesthesia, your surgical area gums will in the numb stage, and you won’t feel the pain, but you can experience the pressure. You will take this anesthesia via injection.


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